During my internship, I honed my Graphic Design skills through various marketing tasks assigned to me. Working within the framework of a larger corporate entity posed challenges, as I had to adhere to established marketing guidelines. For instance, design elements such as logo placement, color schemes, and font choices were strictly regulated. Despite these constraints, I navigated through the limitations, with occasional revisions, gaining valuable insight into designing within a structured brand framework, a skill pertinent to my future endeavors in the field. I commenced my internship by tackling critical and time-sensitive projects, including the creation of letterheads, folders, and the revamping of the realtor's biography and social media presence. Additionally, I developed a comprehensive buyer's package, using typographic principles and graphic design techniques to produce a cohesive 22-page guide. This endeavor also provided me with an opportunity to familiarize myself with InDesign, enhancing my skill set. Transitioning to website design, I collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and conceptualize the user experience. Beginning with prototyping in Figma, I ensured alignment with the client's specifications before proceeding to develop the website. This undertaking involved meticulous attention to detail, encompassing elements such as graphics, drone footage, photography, and the integration of a client testimonial form. Moreover, I ventured into new territories by crafting a newsletter using Mailchimp and designing marketing materials such as a custom rubber gripper. These endeavors aimed to augment the realtor's branding efforts and expand the client base.
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